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11 February 2022
Abi Hardiman

3 Stone-Inspired Luxury Bathroom Ideas


As we look to inspire wellness in our homes, the idea of bringing the outside in has never been more prevalent in the interior design world. But forget the days of adding a few potted plants, our ever-growing love of outdoors has left us with a fascination for new textures and materials inspired by nature. Calm and collective, stone bathrooms have experienced a surge in popularity, with grounding abilities putting them high on the wishlist of many luxury bathroom ideas. Want the look for yourself?


Here's our top 3 ways to bring your stone bathroom to life...


1. Capture attention with a stone basin

Looking for a hint of stone in your luxury bathroom idea? Perfect for small bathrooms or for those wanting an understated nod towards the trend, our stone basins offer designs to suit luxury contemporary bathroom suites and traditional settings alike. From the luxurious finish of Natural Stone to the indulgent ClearStone finish, find a look to suit your space with our full range of basins.

2. Make a statement with stone luxury baths

Searching for an unmissable statement in your stone bathroom? If you're a bathing enthusiast, look no further than our freestanding luxury baths. Crafted with either Natural Stone or ClearStone, our baths offer designs to suit classic and contemporary settings to make bringing stone to your luxury bathroom idea near effortless. Unsure of the best choice? Discover what makes Natural Stone and ClearStone so special. 

Luxury Bathroom Ideas | For a stone bathroom that exudes luxury, consider Natural Stone luxury baths

Natural Stone

Loved for its natural beauty, admired for its durability and appreciated for its completely unique character, explore the possibilities of Natural Stone baths for your luxury bathroom idea.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas | Revel in the beauty of our ClearStone luxury baths for a spa like bathroom that has it all


Crafted with an advanced process to provide a cheaper alternative to Natural Stone that's equally as stylish, discover a range of ClearStone luxury baths for any spa like bathroom.

3. Create an impact in your stone bathroom

Can't get enough of stone in the bathroom? If you've already got your eye on a luxury bath and basin, the final thing to do is think decor. From eye-catching wall and floor designs to intricate accessories, exaggerating the look of your stone bathroom couldn't be easier.

For a match made in heaven, pair your luxury bath and basin with a dreamy marble backdrop for a spa-like bathroom bursting with modern charm. Love minimal designs? Exude sophistication in your stone bathroom with industrial-inspired concrete walls to offset your stone bath and basin. Obsessed with nature? Welcome a luxury bathroom idea with stone finishes, organic colours and an array of potted plants for the complete look.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas | Welcome a luxury bath and basin to create a stone bathroom of dreams by finding a retailer

Get the Look

Found a luxury bath or basin you love? Find your local retailer here to bring the look to your home.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas | Unwind in a spa like bathroom complete with luxury bath and basin

Be Inspired

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