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24 March 2022
Abi Hardiman

5 Benefits of Baths

A frequently asked question, are baths good for you? In short, yes. Facilitating mental and physical wellbeing, the benefits of baths are certainly something to keep in mind when creating your relaxing bathroom idea. Short on space? Not wanting to forgo the benefits of baths or showers, many have reaped the rewards of both with combined bath shower solutions ideal for luxurious bathrooms on the smaller side. Featuring baths of all sizes, shapes and styles with bath shower brassware to match, here’s 5 reasons to rediscover your love of bathing…

Benefits of Baths | Reap the rewards of bathing in a spa inspired bathroom

1. Time to Press Pause⏸

Does anything say you-time like soft music, calming scents and the soothing embrace of a warm bath? Setting the scene in your spa-inspired bathroom, a lengthy soak encourages you to dedicate some time to what really matters – you. Prompting you to sit back, unwind and rediscover a sense of serenity away from screens and stresses, baths can provide the perfect escapism from home. Stimulating security and contentment, the benefits of baths limit distractions, clear thoughts and reduce tensions to help pave the way to a more positive mindset.

Benefits of Baths | Discover the benefits luxurious baths can have on your health

2. Health Benefits🩹

We’ve touched upon mental benefits of baths, now it’s time for some physical advantages. Widely known for their ability to reduce muscle soreness and tension, baths can help to improve range of movement, particularly within those leading more active lifestyles. Enhancing this effect, Epsom salts have created quite the buzz in recent years with naturally occurring properties to help relieve muscle pain further. A lesser-known benefit of baths comes from a study by Faulkner, which found that an hour-long soak in a warm bath burned around 140 calories - the equivalent to a 30 minute walk!

Benefits of Baths | Aid sleep with a spa inspired bathroom in the comfort of your own home.

3. Better Sleep💤

It’s no secret that a quality night sleep improves our functioning, wellbeing and overall health, so what can we do to help get our recommended eight hours? According to an article by sleep specialist, Dr Christopher Winter, our body temperature drops to its lowest before we begin to drift off, making a colder room the best option for a good night’s sleep. With this in mind, warm baths can imitate this effect by raising our body temperature during the soak and lowering our body temperature upon exit for a relaxing bathroom idea that better prepares us for a good night's sleep.

Benefits of Baths | Indulge in a lengthy soak with a spa inspired bathroom idea

4. A Good Cleanse🧼

Ever encountered the feeling of putting your face over a bowl of steamy water or walking out of a sauna feeling completely cleansed? Warm baths are a great way to replicate this feeling in your spa-inspired bathroom, opening up the skins pores and inducing sweat for a perfectly healthy way to rid your body of any dirt and toxins that have built up throughout the day. An indulgent benefit of baths, don't forget to finish your ritual with a coating of moisturiser to lock in hydration and leave the skin feeling soft and fresh.

Benefits of Baths | Bring to life your relaxing bathroom idea with a luxurious bath as the main focal point.

5. An Alternative🧊

Beyond long, warm soaks, the benefits of baths can also be extend to colder temperatures. Suffer from dry skin? Cold baths have been known for locking in vital natural oils for silkier hair and more hydrated skin. If you’re feeling brave, why not ditch the morning coffee in favor for a quick, cold dip to increase your heart rate and provide a sudden burst of energy? Or, a popular choice among the sporting stars, athletes will often indulge in a cold deluge of water after intense training sessions to help reduce muscle pain in scope of faster recovery.

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