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Bathroom Relaxation Tips

19 May 2020

It should always be important to make time to reset and relax, so don’t forget to enhance your wellbeing and take some crucial time out. The bathroom is the perfect place for relaxing; an enclosed space where we can spend time alone and indulge in a bit of self-care. Read on to discover our bathroom relaxation tips combined with plenty of interior inspiration.


Choose your colour scheme wisely

We all know that colour has a profound affect on our mood. Deep shades of red are associated with romance, yellow with humour and creativeness, and blue with calmness, so when it comes to creating a relaxing self-care space, using the right colours is key. Combining a bold shade such as this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year ‘Classic Blue’ with the simple white design of our Lonio bath is the perfect way to create the most calming of bathroom schemes.


Lift your mood with lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in creating a calming environment in your bathroom and is key to influencing how we feel. If your bathroom doesn’t have enough natural light then add mirrors to bounce brightness around the room, or pair a white interior with a coordinating white bath, such as our Patinato design, to create a bright, clean and spa-like bathing space.

Declutter your bathroom

It’s not easy to relax in a cluttered space, so one of our top bathroom relaxation tips is to clear that clutter! Remove those shampoos, children’s toys and toothpastes and pop them away out of sight. It might be useful to invest in some elegant bathroom storage, so check out this blog on bathroom storage solutions for plenty of ideas and lots of bathroom inspiration.


Add curves

Curved architectural details communicate relaxation, adding an element of softness to a room, which brings a new layer of tranquillity to the ambience, so we suggest opting for a curvaceous bath. Choose our Lacrima, Vigore, Batello or Balthazar bath for the ultimate in bathroom relaxation.

Add some greenery & finishing touches

Further bathroom relaxation tips include adding an abundance of plants to your bathroom. Bathrooms can easily look sterile and lifeless, so bring in plenty of greenery to transform your bathing space into a relaxing, tropical spa paradise. Our Formoso bath looks perfect in this botanical bathroom scheme.

We hope you enjoy relaxing and unwinding in your new spa-like bathroom or searching through ideas for your renovation. Share your relaxation tips or discover more bathroom inspiration on our Instagram page.

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