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How to Create a Centrepiece in your Bathroom

29 April 2020

To create an eye-catching bathing space, it’s essential to have a focal point that forms the centre of interest. Often the main feature in any bathroom, an elegant freestanding bath or a beautifully crafted countertop basin will draw the eye in, act as a great decorative piece and help organise the remaining elements of your bathroom.

If you’re at the beginning of your renovation journey or are thinking about updating your bathroom, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite centrepiece ideas to help you achieve a focal point that suits your individual style and bathing habits.

A Spacious Bathroom

If you have a bathroom with space to fill, opt for a luxuriously deep freestanding bath. Placed in the centre of the room, a soaking tub like our Vicenza design will be sure to turn heads and create an enviable centrepiece in any contemporary bathroom. To soften the space and achieve a more intimate feel, opt for dark wooden floorboards, which will really make the bath pop, and add hessian baskets filled with foliage to complete a spa-like feel.

A Traditional Bath

With a distinctive profile and classic roll top design, a traditional bath offers the perfect place to relax in ultimate decadence. Pair our rustic stainless steel Balthazar bath with contrasting ornate panelling and classic brassware to construct a balanced point of interest and a beautiful distressed, yet comforting space. Elegant and effortlessly luxurious, our Balthazar bath is the perfect statement centrepiece in any traditional bathroom interior.

A Shapely Bath

Playing with shapes and perspectives is another great way to create an eye-catching focus of attention. The oval profile of the Vigore bath and its contrasting angular feet creates a pleasing silhouette, which your eye is naturally drawn to. You may find, due to pipework or space restrictions that you’re not able to have your bath positioned directly in the centre of your bathroom and that’s absolutely fine. A bath with an interesting profile doesn’t need to be placed in the middle of the room. Your eye will still be drawn to the large and interesting shape, and with the help of lighting, artwork and mirrors positioned in-line with the centre of your bath, you’ll still achieve a balanced symmetrical look, leaving you with a considered bathroom that won’t disappoint.

A Family Bath

Family bathrooms can still be luxurious spaces and have a statement freestanding bath as a centrepiece. Just because it is a busy and constantly used room, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. After all, when the children are in bed, it’s the perfect time for you to relax in a calming space. A double-ended freestanding bath like the Batello is a great choice for a family bathroom. Elegant and stylish, the curvaceous shape is as practical as it is beautiful and is perfect for parents who need to bathe two little ones at once, as both ends are equal in height and the high sides ensure that the majority of the water isn’t splashed outside!

We hope we have inspired you to embrace centrepieces in the bathroom and create your very own balanced spa-like, yet functional bathroom interior. For more inspiration, check out our Instagram feed or why not read our blog on How to Achieve a Matching Modern Bathroom Suite.

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