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Modern Luxury Bathroom Design to Suit your Rituals

25 January 2021
Abi Hardiman

As we realise the significance of self-care and well-being in our everyday lives, necessary routines such as bathing have transitioned to an extension of daily wellness rituals that benefit both body and mind. As such, the demand for modern luxury bathroom design has increased parallel to the acknowledgement of wellness, as homeowners strive to instill tranquility and serenity in a space to accommodate their rituals. As providers of holistic bathing solutions, Clearwater has put together some bathing recommendations with functionality in mind, to discover maximum contentment. 

Modern Luxury Bathroom Design | Incorporate a beautiful contemporary feel to your bathroom with the Vicenza Bath.

A Deep Soak

Whether you participate in a lot of sport, or simply look forward to nothing more than having a long, deep soak at the end of a hectic day, the Vicenza Bath provides undeniable pleasure. With one of the largest water capacities in our modern bath range, the Vicenza Bath provides maximum comfort for extended bathing rituals, making it possible to benefit the body with extreme soaks for muscular relaxation, or the mind as deep soaks help with de-stressing. As for style, the Vicenza large freestanding bath delivers subtle contemporary aesthetics that adds understated elegance into any bathroom, particularly when combined with Hoxton Floorstanding Mono Bath Shower Mixer. The appearance of the Vicenza Bath is the work of expert design, enabling the large freestanding bath to make a statement of its own that won’t be overlooked in modern luxury bathroom design, even in more unconventional bathrooms. 

Modern Luxury Bathroom Design | Integrate opulence into your bathroom with the distinctive Teardrop Bath.

A Stylish Soak

A captivating all-rounder, our infamous Teardrop Bath delivers ample height, width and depth to accommodate all bathing needs, making it an excellent contender in modern luxury bathroom design. Spectacular functionality has been meticulously paired with a stunning, contemporary shape to bring an unforgettable focal point into any modern bathroom. Named the Teardrop Bath, the shape is wider at the base and narrower towards the top to give a feeling of elegant envelopment for maximised contentment. Made to withstand the everyday, this luxury soaking tub brings style to last thanks to incredible craftsmanship.

Modern Luxury Bathroom Design | Seamlessly intertwining traditional with modern, the Batello Bath delivers a captivating timeless style to any bathroom.

An Alternative Soak

Taking pride of place in the bathroom, the Batello Bath draws attention with its exceptional traditional modern luxury bathroom design including claw feet to give it more prominence in the bathroom. With a raised base, the alternative shape of the large clawfoot tub works best when paired with a captivating backdrop to help enhance the tubs’ flawless outline in all of its glory, without taking impact away from the background. Constructed from ClearStone, the Batello Bath delivers functional, traditional luxury into any bathroom space to allow for revitalising rituals to be completed in style and comfort alike. 

Modern Luxury Bathroom Design | Create a cohesive contemporary space with the Formoso Bath and Foromoso Basin for the ultimate luxurious bathroom experience.

The Wellness Pair

One of our best sellers, the Formoso Bath and matching Formoso Basin make for the ultimate pairing for rituals in the bathroom. Revelling in sleek designs, the Formoso Bath has a large water capacity for reinvigorating soaks, while the Formoso Basin is beautifully designed to assist with complementary rituals, such as facial washes and skin care. Thus, the Formoso pair exude contemporary design and add extra indulgence to rituals for ultimate modern luxury bathroom design.

As an intimate, personal space, a bathroom should be right for you. Whatever you deem most valuable in your rituals, you can accommodate it within your bathroom choices, including tubs and basins alike. While this blog has featured some of our favoutire modern luxury bathroom designs, you can find the extensive collection on our instagram: @clearwaterbaths.

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