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27 September 2021
Abi Hardiman

Our Top 5 Instagrammable Luxury Bathroom Suites

A place to start and end your day, your bathroom should give you everything you need and more. From shorter everyday routines to more indulgent pampering sessions, your bathroom should be styled to deliver the ultimate experience each and every time. Knowing that a little bathroom inspiration can go a long way in creating your perfect space, take a look at some of our favourite Instagrammable luxury bathroom suites to suit your lifestyle...

Luxury Bathroom Suites | Take inspiration from @bobbins.at.home's incredible modern spa bathroom

Mellow Haven

Inviting colours, a warming ambience and hints of nature - welcome an unforgettable wellness space to your home. 

From captivating terrazzo flooring to pretty pink tiling, it’s no wonder our Vigore Natural Stone Bath looks right at home in this undeniably on-trend setting. 

Providing a truly indulgent space to reside, it's easy to see how the curvaceous design of the Vigore Bath can be paired with some bubbles, a good book and fluffy towels for the perfect spa-like experience in your luxury bathroom suite!

The ultimate space of contentment, @bobbins.at.home's modern spa bathroom really has ticked off everything on the wellness checklist.

Image credit: @bobbins.at.home

Luxury Bathroom Suite | Bring natural beauty to your home with this scheme by @smithyhouse_

Natural Comfort

We’re loving how this luxury bathroom suite brings the outside in for a breath of fresh air in any home. 

A scheme to awaken the senses? Embrace revitalisation with light and airy colours and the statement Puro Bath.

Taking centre stage, the Puro Bath brings soft, simple detailing for a focal point that epitomises elegance. Paired with wooden accessories and an abundance of greenery, isn’t this just the perfect blend of comfort and refreshment?

Touched with hints of Brushed Brass, @smithyhouse_’s naturally beautiful scheme is filled with sophistication for a modern spa bathroom that has it all!

Image Credit: @smithyhouse_

Luxury Bathroom Suite | Take a moment in this modern spa bathroom by @twopigsonehouse

Relaxing Hideaway

Looking for a moment’s peace? Revel in the calming nature of this luxury bathroom suite. 

An area that should prompt wellness in any bathroom, what more could you want from your wash space? 

Set against on-trend tiling, @twopigsonehouse has created an incredible cleansing space with stylish storage unit, beautiful flower bouquet and scented candle for undivided relaxation. 

Taking pride of place amongst it all, our show stopping Formoso Basin effortlessly ties this modern spa bathroom together. Love the look? Inspire complete cohesivity in your contemporary bathroom with the Formoso Bath to perfectly complement your Formoso Basin.

Image credit: @twopigsonehouse

Luxury Bathroom | Discover elegance with this classic luxury bathroom by @hannashabitat

Harmonious Sanctuary

Mesmerised by this classic luxury bathroom? That makes two of us!

Warm and inviting, this space introduces a neutral colour palette that soothes the senses. 

A scheme that's pleasing on the eye, it doesn't take long for gaze to fall upon the grand design of the Florenza Bath. Creating a dual statement with matching Florenza Basin, this classic luxury bathroom exudes sophistication with coordinated design. 

Finished with soft touches, including matt black accessories and hints of greenery, @hannashabitat's luxury bathroom suite is the idyllic sanctuary for any home.

Image credits: @hannashabitat 

Luxury Bathroom Suite | Be inspired by @abeyaustralia's classic luxury bathroom

Majestic Retreat

Love a timeless design as much as we do? You’ll love this retreat by @abeyaustralia!

Is there anything that says classic more than a traditional roll top bath? A striking centrepiece, the time-honoured curves of our Balthazar Bath bring an obvious nod towards tradition for complete serenity in your luxury bathroom suite.

Keep your classic luxury bathroom understated with Chrome brassware for the ultimate setting to pamper yourself.

Image credits: @abeyaustralia

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