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Spa Inspired Bathrooms for Different Budgets

14 May 2021
Abi Hardiman

A trend that’s remained popular over the years, the demand for domestic spa inspired bathrooms is only expected to grow. As bathrooms are recognised for their contribution to wellness, homeowners are opting for spaces that culminate feelings of serenity and relaxation. Soothing and balanced, the colour white has long been associated with spa like settings - whether it be through subtle white hints or a leading focus within a colour scheme, white continues to be a popular choice. With glossy and matt finishes in white, explore how Clearwater’s collection of baths and basins can add luxury to your spa inspired bathroom. 

Spa Inspired Bathroom | Bring opulence to your bathroom with a luxury freestanding bath and countertop basin


For Ultimate Opulence

Meet Clearwater’s most extravagant bath, the Balthazar Double Ended bath. Constructed from ClearStone with a stainless-steel exterior and finished with a rolltop detail, the Balthazar bath exudes opulence for a breathtaking statement in any spa inspired bathroom. The double ended design allows freedom to reside at either end for a truly indulgent soak with a capacity of up to 70 liters. Available in Matt White, as well as Chrome and Black, the Balthazar Double Ended bath epitomises luxury within a spa like bathroom design.

Spa Inspired Bathroom | For an extravagant spa like bathroom design, the Balthazar bath is the perfect addition

For Unrivalled Decadence

A stunning addition to a classic spa like bathroom design, the Florenza bath is an elegant white centerpiece that effortlessly suits any colour scheme. The beautiful design of the Florenza model ensures a luxury freestanding bath that seamlessly integrates into a more traditional setting. Crafted with ClearStone, the exquisite glossy finish of the Florenza bath and matching Florenza basin work in harmony to create a refined and traditional spa inspired bathroom.

Spa Inspired Bathroom | Enhance your traditional bathroom with Florenza bath and matching basin for an elegant spa like bathroom design

Searching for a modern design that’s equally as sophisticated and around the same price point? Consider the Sontuoso bath and Sontuoso basin. Also made from ClearStone, the duo offers a stylish alternative to best suit contemporary interiors with a nod towards decadence. 

Spa Inspired Bathroom | For a stylish and modern spa like bathroom design, introduce the Sontuoso bath and coordinating countertop basin


For Superior Indulgence

Striking and distinctive, the versatile design of the Teardrop bath makes it an effortless choice for a variety of interior styles, from minimalist industrial schemes to vibrant modern settings. Expertly designed, the Teardrop shape is dedicated to enveloping the body to bring comfort and relaxation to bathing, creating the ideal luxury modern bath to accentuate any spa inspired bathroom. For an indulgent and multi-functional cleansing space, introduce a Hoxton Floorstanding bath shower mixer in brushed brass. To enhance luxury further, discover the matching Teardrop basin and Hoxton basin mixer in brushed brass for a cohesive bathroom look. Complete with an array of potted plants for a calming ambience. 

Spa Inspired Bathroom | Accentuate any spa like bathroom design with the Teardrop luxury freestanding bath and pair with Teardrop countertop basin for ultimate indulgence


For Sophistication at an Affordable Price

A luxury freestanding bath at a reasonable price, the Nouveau Petite modern bath (as part of the Cleargreen collection) makes an effortless accompaniment to modest-sized spa inspired bathrooms. Measuring around 200mm less than the original Nouveau bath, the Petite model allows homeowners the opportunity to create an undeniable place of relaxation without having to compromise on space. Constructed with anti-slip LUCITE™ acrylic, the Nouveau Petite modern bath ensures a comfortable and convenient bathing experience built to withstand the everyday.

Spa Inspired Bathroom | Create an affordable spa like bathroom design with the Nouveau Petite luxury freestanding bath


For Budget-Friendly Luxury

Providing excellent value for money, the Verde bath (as part of the Cleargreen collection) is made from LUCITE™ acrylic with reinforced bath trims for a practical and pleasant bath for daily use. Available in a selection of sizes, the Verde bath is ideal for the more compact family bathroom, featuring a double ended design for easy access and freedom to relax in a way that suits you. A luxury modern bath to suit every home, pair the Verde bath with a Hoxton bath shower mixer that sits neatly on the side for the perfect spa inspired bathroom on a budget.  

Spa Inspired Bathroom | Ideal for smaller bathrooms, the Verde bath brings a spa like bathroom design to any space

Discover our Instagram for more ideas creating a spa inspired bathroom for your budget: @Clearwaterbaths

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