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20 December 2021
Abi Hardiman

5 Wellness Tips for Luxury Bathrooms in 2022

Recognising the extensive benefits of cleansing rituals, it seems luxury bathrooms are returning bigger and better for 2022. But forget the days of unrealistic sized bathrooms and overwhelming extravagance, even the smallest of spaces are being transformed into zen bathrooms to relax the mind and body. So, whatever the size of your spa style bathroom, how can you get your space wellness ready in 2022?

Luxury Bathroom | Create ultimate relaxation in your zen bathroom with candles and our freestanding bath, like @bobbins.at.home's setting

1. Boost Mood with Candles

Perfect for relieving stress, candles uplift any luxury bathroom with a warming ambience, just like those positioned elegantly alongside our Vigore bath in @bobbins.at.home's spa style bathroom. 

A great way to boost mood, a candle's scent is thought to play a part in capturing a zen bathroom scheme. Want a good night's sleep? Try Lavender. Looking to increase positivity? Opt for Vanilla. Aiming to minimise stress? Give Pine a go. Inexpensive yet effective, candles are the ideal small bathroom solution to heighten wellness in any luxury bathroom. 

📷 : @bobbins.at.home

Luxury Bathroom | Discover elegance with this classic luxury bathroom by @hannashabitat

2. Find Comfort in Familiarity

Creating a luxury bathroom you enjoy spending time in should be top of the agenda. The go-to place for some you-time, your spa style bathroom should encourage relaxation from the moment you step inside. 

Beautifully understated, soft and traditional styles create an inviting design to perfect any spa style bathroom. Showing consistency is key, @hannashabitat's luxury bathroom captures a welcoming scheme throughout with our Florenza bath and co-ordinating Florenza basin to maximise comfort with familiar shapes.

📷 : @hannashabitat

Luxury Bathroom | Capture the perfect space of relaxation with low lighting above your freestanding bath for a zen bathroom like @abeyaustralia's

3. Set the Scene with Low Lighting

Offering similar wellness benefits to candles, dimly lit settings create the ultimate ambience to help you completely switch off. Bringing visual warmth and emphasising the beautiful silhouettes of our freestanding baths and stone basins, low lighting captures a cosy and calming atmosphere in your luxury bathroom.

Whether it's to awaken the senses in your morning rituals or help you unwind after a long day, low lighting encourages you sit back, relax and take a moment. Take note of this wellness tip in @abeyaustralia's spa style bathroom, who's cleverly positioned low lighting above our Formoso bath to make this domestic retreat one you'll never want to leave. 

📷 : @abeyaustralia

Luxury Bathroom | A space that has it all, @smithyhouse_ has perfected the zen bathroom in the comfort of their own home with nature and our freestanding bath

4. Take Inspiration from Nature

Pure and simple, immersion in nature offers many mental and physical benefits - and it's these restorative properties that have made it more popular than ever before in today's spa style bathrooms. Potted plants, organic textures and admirable centrepieces provide @smithyhouse_'s luxury bathroom with an elegant touch of nature, complete with our Puro bath made from ClearStone to tie the look together. 

Not got the room for a freestanding bath? Indulge in a basin for a statement small bathroom solution. Whether it's the matt finish of natural stone or the glossy look of ClearStone, bringing an element of nature into your luxury bathroom couldn't be easier.

📷 : @smithyhouse_

Luxury Bathroom | Capture personality in your spa style bathroom, like @smithyhouse_ has done here with features that reflect you

5. Find What's Right for You

In the same way you'd associate your bedroom with a good night's sleep, why shouldn't your luxury bathroom be associated with complete relaxation? With so many bathing and basin options available, it's important to choose the right solution to suit you and your lifestyle. 

Can't imagine anything better than a deep soak? Our Vicenza bath offers one of the largest water capacities within our collection to let you relax in a way that best suits you. Love a contemporary design? Be inspired by our Puro bath, seen here in the home of @smithyhouse_, complete with a bath rack to let you take time out of your busy lifestyle with your favourite read.

📷 : @smithyhouse_

Looking for more inspiration? Discover more wellness-inspired luxury bathrooms on our Instagram @Clearwaterbaths.

Have Clearwater in your bathroom? Tag @Clearwaterbaths in your photo for a chance to be featured!

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