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Why Should I Choose a ClearStone Bath?

10 February 2020

Here at Clearwater, we offer a wide variety of luxury freestanding baths and basins made from a superior material called ClearStone. To help you decide whether ClearStone is the right choice for you and your bathroom, we’ve put together all the key information on this exceptionally unique material.

Made from a sedimentary stone composite with Gibbsite mineral filler, the characteristics of ClearStone allow baths and basins to be crafted with delicate rims and softer profiles, this enables us to create the gentle and slim looking structures of our designs. The material also gives a lustrous, glossy interior and exterior finish, perfect for creating a fresh, modern and clean bathroom aesthetic.


Sourced from the Dolomites, aluminium compounds are added to make the material much lighter than traditional volcanic stone; this makes installation much easier. In addition, ClearStone is fire retardant, meaning it is safe for use within both residential and commercial bathroom settings. Scratch resistant, hardwearing and easily repairable, ClearStone is perfectly suited to the demands of your modern, everyday living. One of its favoured qualities is its superior thermal performance, which helps keep your bath water warmer for longer, thus reducing the amount of hot water you need to add to keep your bath water temperature consistent.


Finally, and well worth noting, ClearStone products are finished with a high gloss polyester polymer coating to ensure long-lasting performance. This means we can be sure that our range of ClearStone products will stand the test of time. We therefore, include a 10-year guarantee on all our products, to provide you with peace of mind that your bath and basin are of the highest quality and are built to last.


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